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9.Oct, 2018 0

Questions To Think About When Determining Your Business Entity

There are many decisions to be made before you even open your business and determine your type of business entity.  With so many business entities to choose from and so many tax decisions to make, it is important that you answer the following questions to help you determine what type…

11.Jun, 2018 0

Top 10 email mistakes made by management

I saw this guest post by Tim Flood (assistant professor of Management and Corporate Communications at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School ) posted at the Wall St. Journal regarding the 10 most common mistakes management makes in connection with emails, and I thought I would pass it…

11.Jun, 2018 0

How to Help Your Elderly Parents When You Live Far Away

We’ve written often about the concerns that caregiver children have for their elderly parents, but that’s only one side of the story. Many families also have an adult child living far from home, and though the concerns of the long-distance child may be different from the one who lives down…

11.Jun, 2018 0

Employers: Create a Termination Checklist

It’s important for employers to remember that while the default employment rule in Texas may be “at-will”, there are some other factors and circumstances that can bear on your decision to move forward with the termination of an employee. Having a termination check list can be helpful to remind you…

11.Jun, 2018 0

Is your worker an employee or independent contractor? It does matter!

When hiring someone to complete a project or series of tasks for you, it is sometimes tempting for the person doing the hiring to classify that worker as an independent contractor.  It is cheaper for the person doing the hiring because employment taxes do not have to be paid, certain…

11.Jun, 2018 0

Watching Your Legal Budget?

Small Businesses May Want To Consider Employing Outsourced General Counsel Services It is important for any business owner, whether large or small, to have a good working relationship with an experienced legal counselor.  Your attorney should make sure your business or organization is in compliance with both state and federal…

11.Jun, 2018 0

How to Run a Productive Work Meeting

Meetings are an evil necessity. Workers must take time from their busy days for sessions that are all too often unproductive and disengaging. Meetings are supposed to be extremely valuable opportunities to work as a team at a designated time and place but all too often are unorganized nuisances. Here…

9.May, 2018 0

S-Corporation vs. LLC in Texas

For the small business owner or partnership the purpose of forming either a S-Corporation “S-Corp” or Limited Liability Company “LLC” is to create a barrier of financial protection between the actions of the company and the owners of the company. In doing so if the company gets sued or goes…

9.May, 2018 0

Hiring A Small Business Attorney

How To Hire A Small Business Attorney Any perusal of literature about business or being an entrepreneur shows it is common wisdom every business needs an attorney, if not from the beginning very early on. The reasons for hiring a business attorney are not always obvious. A small business attorney…

9.May, 2018 0

Does My Business Startup Need A Patent?

Business Startup Patent When starting a new business in San Antonio, you want to take every step to guarantee its success. If part of your business plan is a good idea, a patent may be appropriate to secure your idea from others. Patent wars such as the Apple v. Motorola…