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Does My Business Startup Need A Patent?

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Does My Business Startup Need A Patent?

Business Startup Patent

When starting a new business in San Antonio, you want to take every step to guarantee its success. If part of your business plan is a good idea, a patent may be appropriate to secure your idea from others. Patent wars such as the Apple v. Motorola have been talked about in the news, serving as a reminder for entrepreneurs to protect their ideas with a patent. But is a patent necessary?

It really depends on many things, including your industry. Fields like biotech or semi-conductors will most likely benefit from a patent. For other areas, such as e-commerce, it may not be necessary. A recent report has noted an overall decline in companies applying for patents, but those companies that choose to acquire them are doing so in an unprecedented aggressive manner. The report claims this represents an increased dichotomy in the marketplace, where some people are against certain types of patents, and portfolios are being bought and sold for significant amounts of money.

How do I know if I need a patent for my business startup?

Naturally many startup business clients inquire about the feasibility of acquiring a patent early in business development to secure the future of their business. To determine whether or not you need to get a patent, it is best to discuss with a business lawyer. An experienced business lawyer is capable of understanding your situation and giving the best advice towards whether or not you need to apply for a patent for your business startup. If you are starting a business in Birmingham, Alabama, contact Kim Perkins, an attorney with the experience to help with this or any other issues you may encounter in the development of your business.

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