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Hiring A Small Business Attorney

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Hiring A Small Business Attorney

How To Hire A Small Business Attorney

Any perusal of literature about business or being an entrepreneur shows it is common wisdom every business needs an attorney, if not from the beginning very early on. The reasons for hiring a business attorney are not always obvious. A small business attorney who has experience in corporate litigation can provide key assistance in nearly every aspect of your business, from copyright and trademark advice to basic zoning compliance, or even incorporating the business officially if that still needs to be done. A lawyer’s fee can be an unwelcome expense, but this is a preventative measure against much greater costs in the future.

Do I need a business lawyer?

The nature of your business will naturally decide what kind of attorney you need. While specialization has become more common in law, if you are a small business it is best to find a lawyer with experience in several different areas. A lawyer should be able to understand contracts, help you decide whether it is appropriate to form your business as a limited liability company (LLC), a Type S-Corporation (S-Corp), or possibly something else. A lawyer will help register your business for state and federal taxes, and explain the reason and consequences of the different methods. They will also help you to understand the nature of intellectual property, and whether any type of federal trademark or copyright protection is necessary. A small business attorney may be able to perform this or have a close working relationship with an attorney who specializes in intellectual property.

What type of attorney should I get?

If you have a business, are forming a business or forming an llc, contact an attorney with experience in small business law, transactional work, probate law, and most important someone with a professional courtesy that will work to understand your needs.

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