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9.May, 2018 0

S-Corporation vs. LLC in Texas

For the small business owner or partnership the purpose of forming either a S-Corporation “S-Corp” or Limited Liability Company “LLC” is to create a barrier of financial protection between the actions of the company and the owners of the company. In doing so if the company gets sued or goes…

9.May, 2018 0

Hiring A Small Business Attorney

How To Hire A Small Business Attorney Any perusal of literature about business or being an entrepreneur shows it is common wisdom every business needs an attorney, if not from the beginning very early on. The reasons for hiring a business attorney are not always obvious. A small business attorney…

9.May, 2018 0

Does My Business Startup Need A Patent?

Business Startup Patent When starting a new business in San Antonio, you want to take every step to guarantee its success. If part of your business plan is a good idea, a patent may be appropriate to secure your idea from others. Patent wars such as the Apple v. Motorola…

9.May, 2018 0

Starting A Business of Your Own in San Antonio

In the struggling economy, many people are either unemployed or underemployed, working any job they can for the apparent security of a paycheck. But some people are taking control of their situation by starting their own business. Whether starting a business, buying an existing business, or purchasing a franchise, entrepreneurs…

9.May, 2018 0

My Eviction Is Taking Too Much Time!

Evictions in Landlord-Tenant Law Why is your eviction process taking so long? One of the main questions landlords ask me is why it “takes so long” to execute an eviction.  Many times, there are factors out your control, such as where your case falls on the court’s calendar. However, there are…