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18.Apr, 2024 0

Calculating breakeven sales is a critical business skill

With capital as tight as it is and revenues for many companies down, calculating your company’s breakeven sales is a skill that can help you better plan and manage your fixed and variable costs. Small business owners who are struggling with profitability should calculate their breakeven sales so they have…

31.May, 2022 0

The Impact of a Divorce on a Texas Business

A Texas divorce is a difficult and painful process and can be especially stressful and complicated for a business owner. Many issues arise whether one or both spouses are owners of the business. Plan Ahead There are some steps you can take to protect your business, but these need to…

31.May, 2022 0

Estimated Tax Payments… Who Are They Good For?

The great Yogi Berra has a famous saying: “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” On April 15th (Tuesday April 18th in 2017) the IRS is going to want the money that taxpayers owe them for 2016 taxes. In addition, they would like taxpayers to send their first installment of…

31.May, 2022 0

4 Ways Commercial Advanced Term Loans Help Businesses

Banks offer a number of financial products that help smart business owners get ahead. Businesses only know to take advantage of those products once they learn what they are and how they work. An advancing term loan could be the answer to a problem your business faces. Here’s what you…

31.May, 2022 0

Buying a Texas Business

Purchasing a business is a complex process and every transaction is different.  The two most important things a Buyer can do to minimize issues after buying a business are to perform adequate due diligence before becoming obligated to purchase the business and to document the transaction with properly drafted legal…

31.May, 2022 0

Texas Franchise Tax

Taxable entities organized in Texas or doing business in Texas are subject to a franchise tax or business tax. Even if your business does not owe taxes, it is required to file a Franchise Tax Report each year. You will be required to show that your business franchise taxes are…

31.May, 2022 0

Should my business apply for a Texas trademark?

A trademark is a word, name, logo, symbol or design that identifies and distinguishes a product from goods or services developed by other companies.  Technically, a “trademark” is used to identify goods and a “service mark” is used to identify services, although the term “trademark” is often used as a…

7.Mar, 2019 0

Online Legal Forms

Friends and family routinely ask me whether they should use legal forms they have obtained online instead of hiring a lawyer. A variety of websites provide legal forms for wills, basic agreements, and even documentation for more complex business transactions. In general, as the value and complexity of the transaction…

7.Mar, 2019 0

Online Banking Security

Computerworld reported today that Lubbock, Texas based PlainsCapital Bank settled a dispute with Plano, Texas based Hillary Machinery Inc. over a series of fraudulent wire transfers initiated using Hillary’s online banking credentials. Over $800,000 was sent to various banks based in Europe (who could probably use the cash these days)….

7.Mar, 2019 0

Even Attorneys Can Be Victims of Internet Scams

Several times per week, our office receives an e-mail from a potential new client from out of the country seeking our assistance collecting on a debt owed by an American country. The e-mail offers to share a percentage of the collected amount as an attorney’s fee, which is a fairly…