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Your family’s best interest is always your top priority, and you want to be sure they will be taken care of should anything ever happen to you. A written and established plan of action in the event of your passing is the best way to ensure that your assets and finances will be distributed as you wish. A written will can designate child guardians, specify asset distribution and minimize potential disputes in regards to your intentions on these matters. Creating a living will and assigning Power of Attorney are also important aspects of estate planning. We are here to help you create documents for estate planning and wills in the most effective possible manner.

We assist clients in developing plans to transfer assets at death with minimum cost and delay.  These include various alternatives designed to reduce death taxes, facilitate succession planning for family farms and businesses, avoid probate and other administrative issues at death, and to provide for continued management of assets in the event of incapacity.

  • REVOCABLE AND IRREVOCABLE TRUSTS:  We frequently assist clients with the design and funding of revocable living trusts as a tool for avoiding unnecessary probate and estate administration costs, avoiding delay in distributing assets at death and in eliminating or minimizing estate and inheritance taxes as well as providing a vehicle for the management of assets in the event of incapacity.
  • WILLS:  Where appropriate we assist clients with the design and preparation of wills, both simple and complex in order to accomplish estate planning objectives.
  • POWERS OF ATTORNEY:  We assist clients with the preparation of documents designed to designate authority for both financial and health care decisions in the event of incapacity.
  • ASSET ORGANIZATION:  Where appropriate we assist clients with the reorganization of farms and family businesses in order to take advantage of various tax-saving opportunities including the formation of Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies.  This is often done in conjunction with other estate planning, most commonly the use of trusts.
  • ESTATE COUNSELING:  With the depth of experience available in our Estate Planning Practice Group, we are able to assist clients with a myriad of estate planning issues, including planning for disabled or dysfunctional beneficiaries; maximizing benefits for minor or unborn beneficiaries whose needs and circumstances are unknown; and planning for flexible options in the event of changed circumstances.

Should I hire an attorney for my estate planning and will?

Kimberly Perkins has proven herself an excellent resource for those needing estate planning and wills services on any level, whether seemingly basic or the most complex situations such as taxation, legacy planning, special needs planning or business succession. As an experienced Birmingham probate attorney, she will also help clients to navigate the Texas probate process effectively during the difficult times when a loved one passes away. Perkins will comprehensively explain all the elements of an estate plan – a will, power of attorney, living will and health care proxy – and why it is so important to have these in place as the cornerstone of your asset protection plan, giving your family peace of mind. San Antonio Business Lawyers help their clients sort out the wishes of their loved ones, and manage Texas’s legal requirements for families to pay their loved one’s final debts and expenses, and distribute their property in accordance with their wishes.

San Antonio Estate Lawyer

You will need to find a competent San Antonio, TX, estate probate attorney when you and your loved ones need to have a will validated and assets distributed. A lawyer from Law Offices can handle these legal proceedings with professionalism. We have been tending to these sorts of matters for more than 20 years now in San Antonio, TX.

Sometimes, probate can be a long and arduous process in San Antonio, especially if someone chooses to contest the information left behind in a will. Plus, we know that the whole situation centers on you losing someone very important to you. That is why we will make every effort to get this matter resolved for you in a timely manner. You can count on us for local representation when needed. We can also be of service in proceedings involving estate planning, business law, and litigation.

A dedicated San Antonio, TX estate probate attorney from Law Offices will make sure the will in question is honored, per the wishes of the deceased. In San Antonio, TX, we are happy to work on behalf of you and the loved one that you have lost so recently. This should be a time to grieve and heal, not to worry about your assets. Let us help you put this situation behind you. Call our firm today.