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A transaction attorney saves business money by helping them understand the regulatory steps required for intended transactions. Transactional work includes potential pitfalls or areas where a lawsuit could develop. San Antonio Business Lawyers have experience in creating the structure of and negotiating business contracts, performing due diligence, drafting transactional documents, counseling clients, preparing and submitting materials to government bodies, performing legal research, supervising closings and drafting various legal documents such as contracts, resolutions, legal opinions, and escrow trust agreements. A transaction attorney also helps determine if additional language beyond the standard clause would be beneficial for the client’s business needs.

What is transactional work and what does a transactional attorney do?

Transactional work is considered a non-litigation matter. They are capable of negotiating and preparing professional contracts or construction contracts for these types of organizations. They are also able to prepare leases, subleases, assignments and lease termination for real estate properties. Additionally they can help prepare the acquisition or sale agreements for stocks, assets, and real estate transactions including the necessary financial documents. They help with the planning of these estates for the principals and families of businesses involved.

Do I need an attorney for transactional work?

San Antonio Business Lawyers make certain all documents are drafted precisely to execute the intentions of the corporation by wording in a manner acceptable to local customs that meet all provisions set forth in local law. We are skilled transaction attorneys capable of spotting irregularities, saving her clients a significant amount of money. Her writing skills ability to think analytically give Kimberly a winning edge in transactional law cases. San Antonio Business Lawyers are known for our dedication to our clients, always being prepared to best represent our clients and make certain our clients are in the best position to manage whatever legal matter they are handling.